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5. Use Appropriate Tools Strategically; Tools


5. Use Appropriate Tools Strategically.

Math proficiency standard 5 requires students to use appropriate math tools and use them strategically. Tools used for mathematics are varied and include pencil and paper, calculators,┬ácomputer software, Ipads with programmed instruction lessons, rulers, compasses, protractors, manipulatives and countless other items. Students should show proficiency using all applicable tools. Showing proficiency requires realizing what tools can be used, and how they should be used dependent upon the problem being solved. Students should recognize the tool’s value and limitations.

Tools help students better visualize and understand problem solving by providing a deeper level of learning. Students are able to look at problems in different ways and compare solutions by using the data provided by utilizing mathematical tools. This supports learning at higher levels, and facilitates a more comprehensive approach to solving both mathematical and everyday problems. Carpenters, tool-makers, scientists and countless other professions require the proficient use of mathematical tools to complete projects.

While many bemoan the fact today’s students utilize computers and calculators, like the slide-rule and trigonometric tables of old, these tools allow students to solve problems using extremely large numbers or great amounts of data. ┬áThe graphing calculator and internet allow students to explore mathematical content that in the past would not have been possible until much later in the educational process.


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